Your neighbour

Your Christ is Jewish
your car is Japanese
your couscous is Algerian
your democracy is Greek
your coffee is Brazilian
your Chianti is Italian
your watch is Swiss
your shirt is Indian
your radio is Korean
your vacations are Tunisian
your numbers are Arabic
your writing is Latin
your lemons come from Morocco
your lychees from Madagascar
your pepper from Senegal
your mangoes come from Bangui
your coconuts from the Ivory Coast
your pineapples from California

and you reproach your neighbour of being a foreigner!

[ translated from an old church information bulletin, Rimouski Quebec circa 1970) ]



Labyrinth walk

So I went to this workshop to learn more about labyrinths. The workshop was conducted by Anny Fyreagle, and hosted by Evelyn of Soulful by Design. On that evening was schedule a labyrinth walk. This is very much like a walking meditation. As it was getting dark we got smudged and we entered this eleven circuit Chartres like labyrinth.

IMG_6037 (2)

Eleven circuit Chartres like labyrinth created by our host in their backyard.

My thoughts after I came out of my walk:

A labyrinth, a metaphor for life. Each path segment or leg of the labyrinth is like a segment on our life journey. Some path are short and others are long, like experiences through life where some are quick, pleasurable, easy while others at times seem long, hard, tedious. Sometime we don’t walk straight and walk into the edges, as in the rough of life, or we are on the far edge as if we are on the fringe. Sometime we see that we are close to the middle and other times we seem far away from the goal. So it is in life that we sometime can see where we’re going, what the future holds, and at other times our future appears uncertain or unattainable.

As you walk the paths you may meet other people on a neighboring path and you may rub shoulders or make way for each other. Like people we meet in life, either for a moment or longer, they are not on the same path as we are.

There are many turns in this labyrinth but it is one long journey. In life you have many choices or decision to make. And after you make your choice, you make that turn, then there is but one path before you. The alternate path no longer exist.

When you get to the center, it is the middle of your life, or the present (*). The past is behind you, it is done. You look around and see what you have accomplished and/or left behind. Before walking back through the paths, which can be a representation of the future, I ask myself what am I taking back with me, what wisdom do I take with me on the remainder of my journey. What wisdom will I impart to others I meet along the way.
*(In some place the center of the labyrinth is considered heaven; the walker then just steps directly out of the labyrinth after reaching the center.)

Along the way back towards the exit the owners dog, Jack, stops me and tries to play with me, reminding me to have fun along the way. As I step out I turn around and give thanks. I am grateful for the journey, the journey through this labyrinth and the journey of life.

If you’ve never walked a labyrinth you can find one near you at

The next day, after we learn some basic labyrinth making, I got inspired to paint this :

Life journey

A five circuit labyrinth

Painted with acrylic on a 8″ x 10″ wood frame.


We are made of light

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere!…
Says Yoda to Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back ©Lucas Films.

I love that quote. There is more truth than fiction in those words. What are atoms but compressed energy. What is light but another form of energy. What is spirit, what is soul.